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22-day sleep wellness Master Class(Part 1 of the Wellness series) with daily expert advice and plan to help you get quality sleep, and win back your day.  

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What you’ll get out of this daily 22-day Master Class:

This SLEEP Master Class provides fun expert advice from renowned doctor Dr Obianuju Helen Okoye. Dr Helen's work is highly sought after, and presented at international medical conferences. She is an American Amazon Best-selling author and a writer at The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and has written for AusMed (Australia's leading health site),and The Paleo Diet Cookbook's website. She has created a sleep course used by sleep coaches to train individuals. She also created a scientific sleep questionnaire that is used in healthcare known as the "BRAIN" questionnaire.  

In this 22-day sleep Master Class(Part 1 of the Wellness Series), you get a daily course sent to your email with a sleep system, that shows how your body responds to sleep, why your brain needs sleep to break down built up chemicals, why caffeine doesnt work, and steps you can take right now to guarantee you great sleep. Dr Helen will also share from her best-selling book, what you can do with that extra time to improve your wellness, life, set goals, and make money.  

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Healthy & fun

7 sleep plans that balance healthy with fun

minimum prep

Minimum prep

Each day’s plan gets you ahead of the game and allows you to win in life!


From the pantry

Uses life's ingredients you already have in your pantry to create your sleep system


“Dr Helen is a health guru! She is highly sought after and has created a course even for sleep coaches! This is a steal!”

Darla J.


“Not only did Dr Helen Okoye help me figure out why I wasn't sleeping, she helped me figure out how to maximize my time, and channel that into making me money!!”

Rose S.

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